Off to Africa!

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Off to Africa!

Well, we’re at the airport grabbing a bite to eat before our 17 hour flight across the Atlantic and into the African savannah. Wish Syd and Clint luck in schlockin some monkeys!


Update from Tim:

Well Sydnie has scored on a huge blue wilderbeast and Clint has shot a big impala. Meanwhile Kerrie has killed a giant ellan. It’s cold here, 32 degrees in the mornings making it hard to take animals at the water. Either way we’re having some fun!

Clint won an arm wrestling contest last night with a baboon and sydnie has a date tonight with a hippo. Making great TV. Internet connection here is sporadic, but im sure we will talk soon my friends!


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Eric Hammonds

Hello to Wells!!!
My name is Eric Hammonds form Luverne Alabama. Just wanted to tell you all how much my girls and I love watching RP! It has been a dream of mine since i was a little boy to do what you guys get to do. I’m just glad to see a family; that not only shares my passion for hunting but does it right. Always has fun, and don’t get caught up with the frizzles and frazzles of todays society. Maybe one day our paths will cross Tim. You just seem to be an good ol’ country boy that just loves to hunt..Like Me!! I wish ya’ll nutn’ but the best and keep doing what ya’ll do. May God Bless Ya’ll!!! ROLL TIDE!