TRex Hunt


The hunt begins…


From the very beginning, man has been a hunter!

Unfortunately you the hunter are about to become the hunted!  Human Lunch!!

TRex Hunt was created from the chronicles of Tim Wells, the world’s greatest primitive weapons hunter.  Kill or be eaten while using clubs, rocks, spears or bows.  Use fire-tipped arrows on the world’s greatest prehistoric predators!

Jurassic like 3D graphics, Hi resolution fluid game play.

Your goal is to reach level 5.  Battle your way through hungry dinosaurs like raptors, pterodactyles, Trex and more!  You must then kill the evil cave man who has stolen your cave woman,  he will use traps and various strategies to kill you.

Millions will hunt these vicious beasts, most will die trying.  Kill your way to victory, which is unlikely, then enter here for a chance to win cash and prizes!!


TRex Hunt Commercial




TRex Hunt: Prize and Entry!



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