A Demon in the Dark

A Demon in the Dark is a fictitious tale rooted in what I have seen and experienced firsthand, and a cautionary tale of what likely will happen if poaching is allowed to continue. The end is near for many of our great African resources, specifically the gorilla and rhino, and if we don’t take action now, who knows what the future holds for other species—and our own. A Demon in the Dark contains references to many of my own spear and archery hunting encounters experienced while trekking the earth’s last wild places.

To those who have not shot an arrow into the flesh of an animal, the irony of a hunter and his fight to stop the murder of the world’s last great beast may stir confusion. However, the difference between a hunter and a poacher is vast. Sportsmen, hunters, and trappers are champions of wildlife and one of the few friends that the animals have left.

Collectively, our numbers are strong and we can still make a difference. We can save them. We must, for conservation of wild animals has always come from the hunter. But a passive approach will no longer suffice. We should not tarry, for the time to light a fire has arrived!

And you, you are out there. I can feel your evil as your eyes pore over my words. You, who selfishly indulge in the raping of our planet, to you may the pages of this book bring a sobering clear vision of your imminent fate. May the gore of your end hold tenfold the agony I have laid out before you. Take heed, for ideas will surely conjure in the minds of many reading the passages within. And when they do, their demons will arise, and they will find you!


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Rob Keck

Rob Keck

“A must read for those of us who embrace the quality of life that only wildlife brings to our lives. As a hunter/conservationist, I worry what this world would look like without wildlife, and without  the hunter/conservation warriors that commit their lives to the preservation of the species and our rich hunting heritage.

Tim Wells has powerfully captured this through the action packed suspense, the priceless beauty, love, the skill, and predator in each of us. He has left the reader with the challenge and question that maybe it’s time to unleash the ‘demon’ in each of us, to do our part for conservation.”


terry_drury (1)

Terry Drury

A well written novel for anyone who has ever valued the future of  wildlife and vowed to protect it.  Wells has written a gripping story that will likely find a movie script in Hollywood.  The clash of good and evil, the lure of beauty and the fear of beasts is written with vivid detail.  A Demon in the Dark is a stirring story of love and bloody revenge that has left me stunned.