Tim’s Tips

Tim’s Tips #1 – Masking Your Scent


You can do all the preparation you want, but when it comes to the moment of truth, if an animal catches a whiff of your human smell, it could all be over before you ever loose an arrow or a spear.

Masking your stench isn’t easy, but there are a few things you can do to improve the odds that your next big buck won’t take off in the other direction.

1. Always  be aware of the direction of the wind and it’s speed

– We’re not talking rocket science here, no exact measures, just an overall sense of whether or not you’re downwind of the animal you’re tracking.

2. It all begins with your laundry

– Be sure to use Scent Killer detergents when washing your hunting gear. Using your favorite lilac scented soap is a dead giveaway to an animal that something just aint right (aside from your scent choice)

3. Keep your clothes away from the stove

– Another dead giveaway can be the scent of the animals recently cooked brother on your camo. Venison certainly isn’t an animal pheromone.

4.  Use Scent Killer’s artificial or natural masking agents in the field

– Even if you follow all the previous steps to the letter, it still may not be enough. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and products like Wildlife Research Center’s Scent Killer masking agent can get rid of any remaining odor that may be a lingering giveaway that can ruin those final moments before the kill.