Where’s Tim?

Tim has shot Big Luey

Tim has shot Big Luey with his new Mathews NoCam a Toxic Broadhead and Lumenok..  At last light the monster came walking out just over 75 yards and Tim double lunged him to end a tough season in Illinois. Stay tuned for great whitetail adventures like this one with Tim and family matching wits with […]


Off to Africa!

Well, we’re at the airport grabbing a bite to eat before our 17 hour flight across the Atlantic and into the African savannah. Wish Syd and Clint luck in schlockin some monkeys!


Tim Writes Poem!

As I stand here before you, you may say to yourself Tim’s living the dream, another award for his shelf.   He’s an old bastard, but wow what a life. Hunting the world and with a hot wife.   But I have to be honest, for you are my friends. Like you I’m a hunter, […]


Tim’s Latest Adventure!

Tim just finished a hunt with Joe Stumm, in Illinois, and had an amazing hunt with Joe’s dog Ruby. Here’s what Tim had to say about the hunt. “Fourteen coons in one night was pretty amazing. We shot ’em with tracers and rage broad heads. Wouldn’t recommend the extreme head if you’re looking to sell the furs […]


Family Fun! Hunting Snows with “Show Me Your Snows Outdoors”!

Tim and Family took time off from hunting to go…well hunting of course! Snow goose hunting with “Show Me Your Snows Outdoors” and managed to kill 57 snows the first morning. Tim hit one…we think? Clint shot ’em and the girls took the credit! Let the Snow begin! Rick began the hunt with a meditation hmmmm, which […]

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