Where’s Tim?


Texas Massacre

Tim had a great time in the great state of Texas hunting Alligator Gar with his Mathews bow!  Make sure to keep an eye on Relentless Pursuit on the Sportsmans Channel for some of theses great hunts.  If you can’t wait…then be sure to check out Tim and his World Hunting Group Youtube page for some […]


Awww Dang…Kerrie’s Audad!

Kerrie does it again with a great stalk on this beautiful free range Audad in West Texas.  The belly crawl left her with a 30 yard shot and a great trophy! At least Tim didn’t get skunked with a good shot on a lizard! Way to go Kerrie!


Father son combo!!

The quality time spent with your son is essential in any family bonding. This morning is exactly what Tim did. Clint loves to bird hunt especially with the old man! You know its been a good morning when you kill your limit.

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